Ohio Liquor POS System

Approved by Ohio Division Of Liquor Control (OHLQ)

A new way to do business

We specialize in Ohio liquor POS systems. We are complete hardware, software, and support company that provides full end to end solutions. Many of our clients are single liquor store owners and are currently operating 10-25 locations from central offices. We have become their technology resource at every step of their growth. Let us help you optimize your operations with a Point of Sale system.

What we do differently.

  • $0 Initiation fees
  • 0.00% Credit Card processing fee
  • Free hardware and setup
  • Fintech Integration
  • Certified Software vendor by ODLC
  • Price Over-ride protection
  • Back-up internet to sent daily sales
  • Automatic Inventory Updates
  • Maintain Live Inventory
  • Special Modules to reduce fees from the state
  • Modules with security monitoring
  • 24/7 Live and Remote Support
  • Local Office in Ohio

OHLQ Integration

Our POS System (Microsoft Dynamics RMS & Retail Realm RMH) get price updates from OHLQ like the present, but nobody can override the price unless the state sent updates. The record will be kept for every price update.

Features which make us different

Additional features that make our POS systems unique are

Free Initial Setup

  • Free POS hardware¬†
  • Free setup and integration

Inventory Management

Import product inventory directly from ODLC to maintain live inventory

  • Product and prices update as soon as you get purchase order from ODLC
  • Can also maintain inventory for non-liquor products
  • Automatic label printing when price changes

No Credit Card Fees

  • We do not charge credit card processing fees on all transactions.

Advanced Pricing Modules

  • The ability to price a group of products all at once (Ex. All Smirnoff Flavors on sale)
  • The ability to have advanced discounting

Age Verification

Cashier is required to either scan a drivers license or type a date of birth for all transaction with an age restriction item (Liquor or Tobacco).

Database will be maintained for all ID scans and help during audits

Advanced Labeling

The ability for the POS System to handle advanced label requirements such as:

  • Supplier Information
  • Barcode printed on label
  • Price / Oz for all products

Multi-Store Control

  • Ability to control multiple stores from a corporate office or central location
  • Web module to add inventory, view reporting, or centrally manage all store level details

Advanced Purchase Ordering

  • The ability to order by cases even though products are sold by units
  • The ability to handle EOP / EOM / EOY discounts and track them over time
  • The ability to calculate net bottle cost factoring the discounts and free bottles
  • The ability to set Reorder / Restock Levels to maintain minimum stock and reduce inventory overhead
    • These can be calculated based on prior year sales history

Hardware Compatibility

  • Our pos system is compatible with almost all OPOS Hardware from many different brands.
  • This gives you the ability to mix and match the software with any new pos hardware in the market


Proud Customers

"Customer Service is the new marketing"

– Derek Sivers

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