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Modus Tech has partnered with multiple Energy Suppliers to provide you with the lowest cost electric supply in the market.

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With nearly 750 locations under contract, we pride our approach in straight forward pricing for electricity supply. We currently partner with 17 suppliers and can provide Electricity Supply to all deregulated states in the US and Canada. No deal is too small or too large for us. Our customers range from kiosks/food trucks to multi-billion dollar transportation companies with over 300 sites. The key to our success in electricity supply is we choose to educate our clients on the full process before proposing them pricing. The more well informed you are, the better you will understand what makes us different as a company. We also have a dedicated team that not only keeps an eye on market trends but proactively starts pricing 4-6 months before the renewal date to make sure you optimize your savings. Let us help you save by analyzing your electricity supply.

Direct Energy AEP Energy
Agera Energy Dynegy
Plymouth Rock Energy MC2
Nordic Energy Eligo
Hudson Energy Source Power
Spark Energy Santanna Energy
Crius Energy Liberty Power

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Commercial LED lighting solutions. Saving 70% on your lighting usage.

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How much energy are you using? How efficient? Learn how to lower your electric bill. Quick and easy!

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